Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Season of Soup

Fall has finally arrived, and while I’ll miss summer, as soon as the temperature dropped, I knew what I was excited about: soup! I love making soup. Last year was the first time I ever made soup. Crazy, right? It’s so easy. But soup is one of those things that had never occurred to me to make. My mom is a wonderful cook, and all of the soup in our house came from cans. I really had no idea that it was so easy to do, but now that I’ve started making homemade soup, I can’t go back. When I have soup from a can these days, the saltiness is overwhelming. And how long has that soup actually been in that can? I shudder to think.

Last weekend, I went to my local cookbook store (that’s right, my nearest bookstore is solely dedicated to cookbooks—it’s a dangerous place for me), and selected a book of soups and sides to take me through this winter. The first soup I made was Butternut Squash Roasted Pear with a Chocolate Drizzle; the side was Chocolate Biscotti. What?! you say. You read that right, chocolate. How could I say no to an adventure like that?

It turns out that the soup itself was pretty easy, and the biscotti were the hard part. And I know you’re wondering what it tasted like. Well, I won’t say that chocolate is what butternut squash soup has been missing all my life, but it was pretty good! And the melted swirls of chocolate in the orange soup were pretty, so I’ll probably make it again, maybe for a dinner party. The biscotti may or may not be invited.


  1. Yay for being adventurous!
    Today, when making chili, the lid came off my super-huge jar of pepper, which dumped in the pot. Instead of cutting my losses and starting over, I tried to add more and more ingredients to my recipe. Let's just say that it was a total failure. And my mouth is still burning. And I never want to use pepper again.

  2. Oh no! I tend to do the same thing, especially when I'm working without a recipe. I just add and add and add, and it never gets better! I hope your mouth recovers soon! -January

  3. This makes me want to expand my soup recipes!


  4. Oooh I want to get good at making soup! I love fall and winter food. And this sounds like a yummy one. Just yesterday, Dh and I bought some super yummy organic, GF soups in a can for those crazy days we have no time. But I'd rather make it from scratch.