Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans tend to get a bad rap, but I have to admit, I love them.  I first started liking them when I lived in Austria for a semester a few years ago.  Those European ladies really dress stylishly, and boots and skinny jeans were de rigueur. I bought my first pair in Italy and have worn skinny jeans regularly ever since.  I also bought some army-style boots in Poland and went for the punk look during college—making up for my lack of sixteen-year-old rebellion, I guess.  I eventually gave up the army boots at A's request (and because the zipper was broken, sshhh, don't tell), but I still have a couple of pairs of skinny jeans. 

Currently, my favorite pair is a cheap pair I found at Target. I think they cost $11.  But they are suuuuper stretchy, and most importantly, at six months pregnant, they still fit me!  I've always thought that pregnant women looked super cute in skinny jeans (like an olive on a toothpick) but I've never been able to find a decently-priced pair of maternity skinny jeans.  So, my miraculously-fitting non-maternity pants have given me a lot of joy in the past few months as they politely stretch to accommodate my growing baby bump.  Plus they look fantastic with the baby-doll style tops that are so common as maternity wear. 

So here is my salute to skinny jean!  Skinny jeans for all!



  1. I actually use to hate the idea of skinny jeans...and then I tried them and fell in love. I look forward to the day that I can not only love them non-preggo style, but preggo style! ;)

  2. Hooray for finding a great pair of jeans ... and for $11 ... WOW! Way to go!

  3. Yes, they really are fantastic for pregnancy :)