Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! (lots of baby talk just fyi)

I've been a bit absent lately, but I wanted to post a quick happy new year along with some of my hopes for 2012. A had last week off and he is quite distracting explaining my lack of posts :) We've also been getting as much as possible together for this new baby. I'm due January 10th (next week! AAAAAHHHHHH), but L was 8 days early shocking both of us who had been hearing the entire world tell us that first babies are always late. We are a bit more prepared for a possible early baby this time, although I really hope he waits to come at least until my sister gets here (she'll be here Wednesday). She just graduated with her Bachelors in December and will be coming to help out with the new one, then living with us for a few months while she gets on her feet post-college. I am so excited to have her with us, and for her to get to be around for baby J's coming. When L was born she was living in Europe and didn't get to meet the little girl until she was four months old. Tragedy.

The week off was fantastic. We did lots of very lazy things, naps in the afternoon, PJs until noon, snuggling with L and watching Shaun the Sheep (which she is now obsessed with, oops). I did have to do a bit of work from home too which took up a lot of my time not hanging with the family. We also did several house cleaning, and baby preparation projects and feel much more prepared.

We are very excited for 2012, and hoping for good things. Of course the new baby makes it a pretty exciting time. But A is also finishing his masters in May, I am doing well in my new job and I'm hopeful it will help make ends meet and not be too tough on me with the little ones. A has some job possibilities that I hope come to some good. I was a bit wary to make full-on resolutions this year since I don't know what this kid will be like and what I'll have time to actually accomplish. But here are my hopes/goals.

1. Run a race in the summer. I ran cross country through high school and college, but have been a bit of a couch potato the last few years. I'm hoping signing up for something gives me a good goal. I'm planning on a six to ten mile run.

2. Work on taking things in stride more. I stress way too much about everything. I really want to work on trusting more, and just being more peaceful.

3. Knit more. I love knitting, but the last few years I just have not dedicated much time to it. It's important to me because I love the results and it really helps me relax and get some creativity out.

4. Pray with A. This is something we'll do really well on for a few weeks, then slack off for a few, then try again. So we'll keep trying this year.

That's my list! I'm not going to make it longer since I know that a two year old and a new born will probably take a bit of effort this year :)


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  1. Love your resolutions! I need to work on your #2 (less stress) and #4 (pray with hubby) myself.
    Happy New Year!