Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cloth Diapers

I realize that diapers are not the most glorious part of parenting, but I am so proud to be successfully cloth diapering two babies! It's amazing how easy using cloth on a newborn is. I didn't start L until she was five months old, and was a little nervous about having tiny J in them. But it's been great with him! Really I would love to get L potty trained, but I've been pretty lazy in that area (a girl can only clean up so much pee in one day). I've gotta say my flip diapers are pretty awesome and really do work for multiple sizes. The kids easily share them, and all I need to do is change some snaps around for each kid. A even set up a clothes line for us so I pin my diapers up to dry feeling like a good green mama.



  1. The diapers are cuter then I imagined! I'm glad they work so great for you. If my little guy weren't going to daycare, I might have given them a try. :-(

  2. Thanks! I do love how going in just a diaper is way cuter with cloth diapers on. Just a diaper is basically L's summer uniform when we are home, if she isn't totally nude :)

  3. Good to know. I plan on cloth diapering. I'd love to hear any tips you have.

    1. Sure! Researching it online was really hard due to all the stupid acronyms. Email me if you like!