Monday, August 20, 2012

Pre-surgery Blogger Meeting

Yesterday, I discovered what I believe is the best thing to do before you have surgery. Meet with a fellow blogger!

Rebecca from The Road Home was driving through several states on her way to a retreat, and it wasn't far at all for me to come meet her for a pit stop that lasted two and a half hours! We probably could have talked for the whole weekend and not grown tired. I think the Bob Evans wait staff was a little bit relieved when we finally cleared out of our booth. At least three different parties were seated at the table right next to us while we were there, haha.

In all seriousness, though, I am just so thankful that we could meet. I've never met with another blogger before (if you don't count Novie), and Rebecca is just sweet as pie and kind as could be. She told me a bit about her surgery experience, which gave me confidence that I could get through mine. We talked about our shared dread of bridal showers as well as baby showers (remind me to tell you about the latter sometime soon). We talked about work, our excellent husbands, and our families. The best thing about it was that meeting confirmed that we were already friends; we just had to fill in some of the practical details.

A part of me wants to run through the streets yelling: I have a friend who knows what I'm going through!!! I promise to restrain myself. Rebecca gave me an important gift yesterday, and that is the gift of love. Sometimes, it's just too hard to really love yourself, your whole self, when it's apparent that you have problems, that something is wrong. But meeting someone who is praying for me and who has been praying for me even before we met, that's so powerful, humbling, and comforting. Thank you to anyone who has prayed for me on this journey so far. I feel so safe in God's hands going into surgery tomorrow, and your prayers are helping me feel His love.

Tomorrow at 12:30 is surgery time! I will offer it up for you, my friends.

Sts. Cosmas and Damien, pray for us!



  1. I will be praying for you tonight and tomorrow to have peace going into surgery. (((hugs)))
    How AWESOME that you met Rebecca?!?!? :-) That had to be a GREAT TIME!!!

  2. "we were already friends; we just had to fill in some of the practical details." Oh my gosh - you described it perfectly!!!

    Thank-you so much for meeting me, it was awesome and amazing and too short (just like we knew it would be!).

    You are in my prayers for your surgery tomorrow. Don't forget to have November update us!!!

  3. That Rebecca has been busy with all of her blogger meetings! We had dinner last week!

    Praying for a successful surgery!

  4. I'm hoping and praying your surgery goes well!

  5. Praying for you! I'm glad I'm finally caught up enough on blogs to get this before you go in.