Friday, September 7, 2012

January's Quick Takes

I'm pressed for time, so these quick takes will be quick. I'm not even going to go find the template. Visit for more quick takes, people!

1. I had my pre-surgical appointment yesterday. Since my last surgery was only two and a half weeks ago, I didn't have to go get lots of blood drawn or any lab stuff. Just talked to Dr. R and signed papers.

2. This time, though, I do have to do a, um, there's no delicate way to say this, bowel cleanse. Ughhhh. I have the feeling that Sunday is going to be muy unpleasant. My Aunt T gave me her advice, which I shall share with you: chew a piece of mint gum right after you drink the stuff to get the flavor out of your mouth, eat lemon italian ice, use soft baby wipes and desitin, even if you don't think you'll need it. She apparently has a friend who, when needing to do this, rents a hotel room the day before her procedure. That allows the chaos in her household full of husband, children, and animals to go on without her, and she gets to enjoy being in a hotel room alone. I'm not springing for that, but it sounds like a pretty good plan to me!

3. I was a little stressed after the appointment for two reasons. First, apparently it's unknown whether Dr. C will be assisting Dr. R now, due to scheduling at her office. Aunt T (she's a nurse by the way, and has lots of brilliant advice) encouraged me to call Dr. C's office and explain very clearly that I want Dr. C there. She may not know that this is actually important to me.

4. The other reason I'm a little more stressed is because Dr. R said to expect not to go back to work for 4 weeks. Four weeks?! Whoa, that is crazy talk. I think I have close to 2.5 weeks of sick time left, but I have not been preparing for so much time out of the office. He did say that many people go back after two weeks, so it's going to just depend on my recovery rate. Regardless of whether it's 2 or 4, I'm going to have an unpleasant surprise for my boss and assistant when I get to work today. We'd all been preparing for 1 week, maybe 1.5.

5. When I'm stressed, I like to cook. And I haven't really cooked since my first surgery. No wonder I've been a little crazy lately! Last night, I had planned to make an Asian-inspired chicken soup for dinner (think snow peas, lemongrass, lime, ginger, Sriracha). I also had to bake a pie (twist my arm, right?) for Carpool Buddy's office baby shower. I went with blueberry peach. A bunch of us baked pies (ok, yes, I suggested that pie and ice cream would be a good food theme) and some folks less inclined towards baking are bringing vanilla ice cream. Yum!!

6. It's bagel and donut day, the one day a month my company buys any food stuff for the employees. This is a treasured day. Also, I promised the co-workers with whom I've been eating lunch and do the crossword that I'd bring them the manicotti that a friend brought me this week. It's delicious, but after my mom's stuffed shells last week, the manicotti this week, and the lasagna my MIL plans to bring next week, there's only so much macaroni layered with sauce and cheese a girl can really take. After lunch, the shower. Holy mackerel.

7. On a totally different note, Husband asked me last night what I thought of him quitting his job. He does not yet have a new job, but this job makes him SO MISERABLE now. He's gotten paranoid that his office is bugged or something. It's distressing to see him this way. I told him that he's not to do it today, because he needs to use his time off next week to get paid while he takes care of me and applies for more jobs. After that, I told him it would be ok with me if he quit. We have enough savings to get through a few months with zero income, and we'll still have mine (I hope - they wouldn't fire a girl for getting pre-ovarian cancer treated, would they?). More thoughts on this later, but I just had to get that out.

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Wow - Ms. Johnson really wants you to check out the Ari.zona & cen.ter (ha! gotta love spam!)

    Anyway, so your surgery date is Monday? (How did I miss this? :( ) Prayers as you do your prep - that doesn't sound like fun, but I do think it sounds a bit better than the enema I had to do.

    Prayers that Dr. C's office understands and she is able to be there - I would certainly want her there if it was me, these are delicate parts!

    Poor Husband - that is a terrible situation. Prayers that he is able to find something while he is off taking care of you.

    PS Please make the word verification go away! This will be my 5th attempt :(.

    1. Hah, that spam was pretty hilarious! Also I've turned off verification for now. I hope that helps!

  2. The bowel cleanse is bad. I agree. Ugh. I hate them. I had to have stuff up that end, rather than my mouth, so it may be different. I hope you got the best of the two methods. :-)
    Prayers for you over the weekend and on Monday! That Dr. is gonna kick some butt and take names on Monday! Yeah!
    When I had my laporotomy (huge scar across abdomen), I was told to take off 6 weeks, but I had a desk job & ended up taking off 2 only. I don't do much physical labor (great for surgery recovery, not great for weight loss), so I was ok. But do what you gotta do and don't worry about your office mates. They will survive. :)
    I hope your hubby finds a job he loves. That stinks that he doesn't love his job now. My hubby doesn't love his either.
    Enjoy all the yummy pie & icecream! :-)

  3. That's nice that your aunt could give you advice on the bowel prep. Baby wipes...what a good idea! Mine wasn't so bad, but I think I got the easy version (bottle of stuff that tasted like Smarties in water and two enemas). Good luck with it tomorrow. :) I'm praying that your surgery goes well! So sorry about your husband's job. I hope he can find an alternative soon.

  4. Praying that it ALL goes smoothly and that you have a very quick recovery.