Monday, September 24, 2012

The Transition

Transitions are tough, even good ones. In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, transition is always the hardest part. It's the worst part of giving birth, moving is nice and all, but the transition part sucks, and apparently that is also true with jobs. A started his new job last week and the job is great but the transition a bit difficult.

I was telling him a few nights ago that I think what has made it hard for me is that we can't really talk during the day. At his last job, he was usually on gchat and I could always call him. This job is quite a bit more intense and he doesn't have an actual office yet so no phone calls and not chatting. So now I am feeling like a big teenager since we can't talk all day long. I realize that's not really a normal state of being but I sure did enjoy it!

The good part is that I have been getting a lot more done during the day without my husbandly distraction :) Anyway, at his old job we usually took care of business type stuff during the day--financial stuff, scheduling for the week, or social commitments. Now we have to do all that stuff when he gets home and for the first week or so I had a tough time going from taking care of business mode to relax and reconnect mode when he gets home. Also, I've been extra needy due to the decreased communication during the day which just sends us into a bad place with lots of miscommunications.

There are way more positives than negatives to this job though. A huge one is that he gets home for dinner. We love all having dinner together. We have both been getting up much earlier and accomplishing quite a bit more during the day as well. Plus it is just a better job, more suited to his skill-set. The first week was tough, the second week was easier, and I think this week will be much easier.

Plus this last weekend was truly excellent. Lots of good relaxing with the husband and the kiddos. I feel fortified for the week emotionally. We even made a five year plan! Who knows if we'll stick to it, but it feels good to be able to plan ahead and not just worry about making it through the month in the finances department.


P.S. Can I say how relieved I am that Jan is recovering well and declared healthy!! Thank you for all of the prayers for her.


  1. I agree that transitions are tough. It's difficult leaving the old routine and everything, but definitely worth it many times. I'm glad to hear that it's going well overall.

  2. Im glad to know that your DH likes his job better ... That makes such a difference. I hope it gets better and better from here on out!! And hooray for a 5 year plan! Such peace of mind!