Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I had a prenatal appointment yesterday, and something I've suspected was confirmed.  Baby J is officially still upside down (or right side-up, depending on how you think of it).  I can feel his little head up by my ribs, and feel his kicks on the side of my abdomin.  It feels like he is laying across me.  So our baby is considered breech.  According to my obgyn I have three options.  Schedule a csection, wait to go into labor and see if he moves, or she can try to turn him around 37 weeks (this is all assuming he doesn't turn on his own in the next couple of weeks).  If the turning doesn't work then we would probably just wait for me to go into labor and see what happens. 

It's a little nerve-wracking.  Csections scare me.  I've been around lots of natural birth stories all my life.  Plus once you have a csection it sounds like a constant battle to deliver naturally again.  A is completely supportive and on-board for whatever happens, although I can tell he is worried about me possibly going through surgery.  Anway, if you could all say a little prayer that we can talk J into turning that would be great!



  1. Praying for you. I've never gotten that far, but I always wondered why a handstand wouldn't be one of the options? :)

  2. Some of the exercises they recommend involve headstands, like standing on your head in a pool :)