Friday, December 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday

With apologies that we're joining our first Thankful Thursday on a Friday, this week we are thankful for:

1. Getting to see each other! While we used to work together and live in the same city, now we live several hours apart. January became a suburban mouse, and November became a way-out-in-the-country mouse. But this week, we met back up in our old city for a couple of hours and got to share a good long walk and talk (November seconds this one).

2. Soon-to-be-born baby J is no longer breech! January is taking full credit for this one, because when we got together on Tuesday, she leaned in and gave baby J a pep talk to get him to turn around. There may or may not have been some stern words, too. The next day, November had an ultrasound that revealed that baby J is now facing the right way. January would now like to be called "the baby whisperer."

3. November has gotten another job! Yes, she will now be working two part-time jobs at eight months pregnant, but this is good because it will seriously ease her financial stresses. November will be continuing this new job, as a grader for a homeschool group after Baby J is born too.

4. January is thankful for her mother-in-law. That's right, gentle reader, January's mother-in-law provided some excellent advice on her medical questions AND on helping her and Husband's relationship. Which leads to #5...

5. January got to spend some much-needed time talking with Husband this week. On weeknights! Oh, and there was delicious potato leek soup, which certainly facilitated the conversation.

6. November is thankful for her very understanding husband who is always willing to listen even when he doesn't understand and November's hormones are going nuts.

7. November's brother and sister are visiting on the way home for Christmas break!

8. And finally, thanks for the lengthy, tremendously helpful comments that I must have prayed for patience, Rebecca, Matching Moonheads, and All in His Perfect Timing have left on her ranting post. Thank you so, so much. Jan will definitely be getting in touch with more follow-up (and less rant-like) questions.


  1. Thanks so much for joining me!

    I'm so glad that you got to see each other and that things are better all the way around for both of you.

    Continued prayers for you both...

  2. So many thankful things! :-) I'm super late in reading, but am so happy for the joy and providence in your lives!