Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week we are thankful for...

1. November is thankful for the birth of friends' new baby boy. November and her husband were honored to be able to help this young couple out by watching their 18 month daughter for the birth, and for the night, allowing the parents to get some much needed rest. November was also very thankful to discover that her husband is quite capable of watching a two year old, and 18 month old, for several hours and clean the house at the same time. It really helped her to realize that they will be able to handle having another baby, and to just be grateful for her husband.

2. November is thankful for reaching a more stoic point in parenthood, letting go of L's tantrums, and remaining calm despite the craziness of a two year old (I'm bigger and older dang it! L can not break me down!).

3. November is thankful for her husband's interviews this week, and that they went so well.

4. November is thankful for the crock pot! A total lifesaver this week.

5. January is especially thankful for Husband. It's been amazing to spend more time together and reconnect!

6. January is thankful for Mary (yes, as in the Mother of God), the crucifix, and all those other peculiarly Catholic things. She's learned a lot this week about how members of other faiths view these parts of her religion, and it makes her really thankful that she has them in her life.

7. January is thankful for Christmas cookies. Her mother and sister recently visited and spent the weekend baking complicated cookies from recipes handed down from grandmothers and grandfathers. Coming from a family that rarely bakes cookies any other time of year, she is thankful for all of the love and family history that comes from these following these recipes.


  1. Thank-you for joining me!

    Crock pots are the best...and The Man was my lifesaver this week when I left for work and forgot to put the food in the crockpot! It does amazing things, but filling itself isn't one of them!

    Cookies...especially Christmas cookies, yum yum yum! This year, for the first time, the task of making the pizzelles was assigned to me. Major pressure, but fun!

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  3. They are indeed super awesome, and pretty recent discovery for me!

  4. Love the thankfulness! I need to figure out how to use my crockpot more. :-)