Friday, January 6, 2012

Time to be stubborn

Just so you don't think I'm sitting in a corner, being afraid of facing the day, this is a short post to say that AF came in the middle of the night. But it's not time to mope, it's time to bear down and be stubborn. I have a prescription to fill and if it doesn't get the job done in two cycles, it will be time to talk about the lap. Very seriously. There will be no giving up when things haven't really begun. And frankly, it won't matter if Husband continues to drag his feet on the SFA. If Dr. C is ok going forward with the lap without those SFA results, then I will be. I'm ready to know! I'm ready for more answers. So there, IF, take that!



  1. I'm so sorry about AF! But I'm SO happy you are giving IF an "up yours" attitude. :-) praying for the next two cycles and for you!

  2. Your recent posts just showed up in my feed, sorry for being behind!

    I love your attitude and I'm so glad you are moving forward. "Doing something" is helpful and healing!

  3. ack, too bad. at least it came in the night and not in the evening, right? i don't really know if its that much better, but i hope you two are able to come to a place where you're both OK with moving forward. it took a lot (and some compromise) to get the hubby to stop dragging his feet and let me start to look into things too. there may not be the answers there that you want but there comes the time...