Monday, February 6, 2012

February Insanity

Hello all! I have some brilliant (I hope!) posts in the works, but apparently newborns are time consuming, go figure. So I wanted to check in.

-Baby J is doing great! He was a tiny baby when he was born so it's nice to him start to fill out. We're doing pretty well in the nursing department, although I don't know that I'll ever get used to accidentally squirting the baby in the face.

-L is having somewhat of a language burst. She's always been a bit slow verbally (I think she spent the first year of her life trying to climb dangerous things), so its been fun to hear all that she has to say.

-Those prayers that I find a new job apparently were really taken seriously because I now have three jobs! All are part time and mostly from home. I don't think I can juggle all three with the kidlets, but I'm not sure which one to drop. The third one is doing a little writing for a friend's start up business website, so it will probably just be short term.

-A and I had a fantastic weekend. He made a little surprise date for me on Friday by borrowing a projector and projecting a movie for us on the basement wall. We also had a little last minute super bowl party yesterday, and I should really go and tackle the giant mount of nasty dishes sitting in our kitchen.


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  1. YAY!!! So happy to hear about the new job(s)! That's awesome! I love to know when prayer works, too. :-)
    I'll bet its super fun to hear L rattle on. Kids always say the cutest things. I hope she's enjoying Baby J too!