Monday, January 7, 2013

Ramble on

Sooo, I haven't really posted a whole lot since the big announcement. Partly because of the holidays, partly because I had to travel for work, and partly because I'm just exhausted. Here's the skinny:

1) I have morning sickness. All day and night. I haven't done too much actual puking, but I come close often, and the rest of the time I'm just generally nauseated. The tips I've found online have actually been really helpful - two saltines before even sitting up in bed in the morning are CRUCIAL if I want to survive the morning.

2) Relatedly, I have some food aversions that are definitely hampering my normal love of eating and cooking. Basically, all meat, poultry, fish, cheese, and butter seem just gross. I'm not normally vegetarian, so I'm trying my hardest to still get good protein into my body. Husband bought me a book on eating while expecting, and it has some good recommendations on what to eat to meet all of the requirements so you're nourishing yourself and the baby.

3) Husband has been amazing. All of the dishes are washed, all of the time. That's, like, never happened, ever. He also asks me for lists of groceries and is not complaining about making himself food or fetching snacks for me when I start to feel icky. (He'd do those things anyway, but I can tell it's all part of his trying to be helpful while January feels ill). Oh, he scoops the litter every day, too. (Kitty is all better, by the way! St Henry II - brilliant call on those pill pockets!).

4) We shared the news with our families on Christmas Day. It was pretty awesome. I'll write a whole post about that, I think. We also got to meet our new nephew on Christmas - just a week old and all squishy and cute. :)

5) My big meeting with my supervisor and HR is coming up on Thursday. I think it's actually making me feel more ill than I otherwise would be. I'm putting together lots of materials for it, and I'm just praying that they don't spend a lot of time telling me that I'm bad at my job. I'm such a perfectionist, and even growing up I hated being bad at anything. I am marvelling at the fact that I've spent so much time working at this job, only to be told now that I am not good enough at it. Am I just part of the generation that can't take criticism? Or has always being successful without having to try too hard made me lazy? I can't figure out how I messed all of this up. :(

6) Aside from all the complaining I just did, I'm also happier than I have been in 2 years. Not that I've been miserable constantly, but I have this deep-down, under-it-all contentment that wasn't there before. It's an amazing feeling. Thank you, God!

7) Wow, this turned out to be rather quick-takes-like, didn't it? Thanks for tuning in to my ramblings!



  1. I'm so glad things are going well! I'm sorry that you're not feeling well, but not too sorry because it means you're pregnant. :) Praying for your meeting Thursday!

  2. I understand the perfectionist thing, that is how I am too. I will pray your meeting goes well and that you have peace from the outcome. I will pray for you as baby continues to grow and that the morning sickness is not too bad.

  3. Oh yeah I was going to say to try and eat almonds for protein and try having quinoa, since you are having issues with animal protein. Quinoa is a complete protein so our bodies digest It easily plus veggies like spinach, dark leafy greens, and broccoli have protein. Also legumes like black beans and kidney beans have protein, fiber and iron. Ok I am done giving food advice :)

    1. Kat, I've definitely been munching on almonds! Good idea about the quinoa, too. I'll take any food advice you've got, right now, believe me!

  4. Like you and Kat, I'm also a perfectionist. I would be having the same feelings about your meeting.
    I can't wait to read your post about the Christmas Day announcement. That has got to be one of The.Best.Announcements.Ever!!! Did you take any pictures? That would be cool too! ;-) I'm just so excited for you and think it is awfully wonderful of your DH to be so sweet & caring for you in the amazing way that he has been. Keep it up, DH!!!

  5. I also hope you get out of the nauseated stage SOON! I had some nausea last week with the flu & just thought to myself, I don't think I could do this everyday if I were pregnant. I'm a wimp. You, my dear, are NOT!!! ;)