Friday, January 4, 2013

J's First Birthday

Today is my little man's first birthday. I remember the day he was born very very well. He really surprised us coming six days early right after my husband had gone back to work after Christmas vacation. His birth was quite chaotic, but still fast and without complications. I want to share his birth story on here at some point, but I need to finish writing it first, and run it by my husband (it was an especially intense time for him due to some incompetent medical staff).

All that being said, I cannot believe that our little guy is a year old. He is such a gentle little person, happy to cuddle and play peekaboo under his blanket. I am so often amazed how much more peaceful the second-time baby parenting has been for us, partly due to J's easy-going nature (L is quite the firecracker), and partly due to our own security as parents (there is just nothing like those first few months with your first baby--a perfect juxtaposition of love, fear, inadequacy, and awe at all parents who have done this before). Parenting J has been a pretty peaceful process. We've certainly had days where parenting two children has felt overwhelming, but more due to the sheer amount of work than feeling like I don't know what I'm doing.

I love this little boy we've been given. It's crazy to think a year ago we were just meeting him.



  1. Happy Birthday, little J! You are such a blessing!

    Novie, you seriously make parenting look easy, even on the tough days, and I know for certain that it's not! You're a great mom!

  2. You nailed the first few months with your first baby part. So. True.
    Happy 1st Birthday, little J!!! Don't grow up too fast!