Friday, December 21, 2012


OK, first off, how awesome is it that January is pregnant??!! I seriously screamed and jumped around the living room when she called to tell me (L and J looked at me like I was insane. How is it that two little people who think sticking their hands in the toilet bowl is lots of fun get to give me the the 'you are crazy' look?). Anyway, I am so so happy for Jan. Please keep little baby J in your prayers. Grow baby, grow!

Now, on the sad side of things, the shooting. I cannot fathom the pain of the families who lost children. In fact, I keep stopping myself from thinking too hard about it, because even the thought of it is too painful. When my husband got home last Friday, we had a very emotional evening with lots of kid snuggling. Seriously I have been hugging these little people so much this week. Last week I had a really rough week with the kids--napping and whining problems mostly. And I felt so silly after reading about the shooting. I mean who cares if I have to deal with a whiney little L. She is only 2 afterall (almost 3!).

We had a 'circle the wagons' weekend in order to be together as a family and truly appreciate our kids. I realize this in no way changes or makes up for the horrible horrible things that happened, but it was our way of coping.

I don't know why things like this happen. It is so contrary to any kind of goodness and love. It is times like this though that I wish my doubting faith was stronger. I want to really fully believe those kids are dancing around in Heaven. For now, I hope God pulled them right into his arms.



  1. I may or may not have also jumped up and down, causing two very confused dogs to look at me like I was crazy! (Interestingly enough, they also like to play in the toilet bowl ;).

    Keeping you and your small ones in my prayers - I'm sure kiddos all over the world were hugged a bit tighter, I just hope it continues (the hugging :)).

    1. Haha, the toilet bowl...what is so dang interesting about it?

      And, yes let the hugging continue.

  2. Yay for January! I cannot even fathom what those families are going through. It is so sad, I have not been able to write about it because I have no words just lots of prayers for them.

  3. I was elated for Jan!!! It was the neatest thing ever to read! It seemed like it had been such a long time since any BFP announcements.
    After the shooting, I have also hugged my son more - and tried not to be so frustrated when he's screaming/wailing/upset (its because of an earache, but sometimes I am just frustrated that I don't know what to do!). It is such a sick act - that boy taking the lives of all the children & teachers. Evil ran wild that day.