Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Sorry, sorry! I know y'all don't like to wait.

I got my lab results yesterday and they were great! My beta HCG (or is it HCG beta?) was something like 4,300, and my progesterone was 30! Take that, oncologist who said the tumor and mild endo weren't impacting my fertility. I'm pregnant!

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. They mean so much to me, because you all mean so much to me!

The reason I'm running behind on keeping you up to date is that the day after my beautiful BFP, other parts of life got really tough. First, work. Remember how work is not the best for me? Well, the president of the company wrote to me last Wednesday to say that he knows I'm working with my supervisor on improving my performance, but my 2012 frontlist is "terrible" and if I don't improve by the end of Q1, I'll be terminated. Please note that I am off my goal, but barely. Barely. And he said I should be equivalent to all my colleagues, who have been doing this job for 5 years at the low end. I've been doing it for less than 2. I just hate him; he is such a jerk. So I have to have a meeting that's been scheduled for January 10th with my supervisor and the head of HR. Any time other colleagues have had meetings like this, the goals get set so absurdly high that they cannot meet them. And then they get fired. I've been having terrible insomnia because of this. The sad-but-funny thought that crossed my mind: if I announce my pregnancy at the end of my first trimester as people are wont to do (which is before the end of Q1), we'll get to see if the president has it in him to fire a pregnant woman. The last woman at my associate level who had a baby had her lists taken away from her, so she was basically demoted. I could live with being demoted, I guess, until baby comes. I just hate the continuous public and private humiliation that seems to be hand in hand with my job.

On Monday, I came home from work to find my kitty cat very sick. She was obviously not herself, and I was really distraught. Husband and I took her to the emergency vet that night, and they kept her for 24 hours. They never figured out what was causing her sickness (fever, dehydration, refusing food, lethargy) but she's doing better now, so they let me take her home. I have three different medicines to give her on three different time tables. One is a pill I have to get her to swallow. One is a pill I have to get her to swallow, and then ensure she has swallowed it by shooting 10mL of water into her mouth with a syringe. And one is a pill that I dissolve in 3mL of warm water, and then shoot that water into her mouth. Medicating a cat does not equal fun. She is 6 years old, not young, but not really old yet to my thinking either. Husband and I only adopted her last year, but she's basically been our fuzzyball sweetheart since she came home. I'm just not ready to lose her. She's not herself yet, but I hope she keeps improving.


So, BIG, HUGE Joy, followed by distressing circumstances. Husband commented that it seems like life is trying to overshadow the awesomeness we have right now, but we won't let it! We will hold onto this goodness!



  1. I'm so sorry your kitty is just kills you, doesn't it.

    And your job? I'd punch your boss in the face if I could! St. Joseph the worker pray for us.

    And now, the good news! Yay! Awesome #s, grow baby grow!!!!

    (Oh, and the first line of your post made mean a group of IF women don't like to wait?!?! Ha!)

  2. Sorry that there are some frustrations right now, but so glad the numbers are so good! I'm so excited for you!

  3. ooh--I missed Monday's post somehow--congratulations!!! Praying for you, baby :-D , and your job situation!

  4. Wahoo!!!!!!!!! Your numbers look great!!!!! Congrats mama!! All those other crummy events can suck it-you've got a baby growing inside you! ;) (I'm real mature, aren't I?!) ;)

  5. Yay! Grow baby grow! Those numbers are great!

  6. Still excited for the awesome baby news! Will keep praying for you and the little one!

    On the subject of the kitty, mine are in their mid-teens so I've had to administer numerous pills to cats. A few suggestions:

    1. Have you tried the Greenies Pill Pocket treats? It looks like a regular cat treat but theres a hole in the middle where you can put the pill in and then squish the treat up around it so the cat won't see. We've used this method to give one of our cats her arthritis pill every other day for a year and it works like a charm. If it's a capsule, you can try opening up the capsule and emptying the contents into the pill pocket.

    2. If the pill is too big for a pill pocket, try to find a compounding pharmacy or a local independent retail pharmacy (do NOT go to Walgreens or CVS as they will brush you off) and see if they can compound the pill into a solution containing tuna. We did that with antibiotics for our cats when they were small and they actually liked their meds!

  7. GREAT numbers!!!!! Grow baby grow!!!!!
    I agree ... Medicating a cat is HARD!! It takes 2 to administer meds in our house. Has the vet shown you how to open the cats mouth and toss the pill in? It seemed to work for our cats. 6 years is young for a kitty. I have one who will be 13 in Jan. :-D. Another one, about 10 years, got really sick a year or so ago. He did come out of it ok, but we went to the 24 hour emergency vet too. Scary! But it sounds like your precious kitty is on the mend! Keep us updated!
    Merry Christmas!!! What a special Christmas this year!!!!! :-D