Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Would you like to share this purchase via Facebook or Twitter?

This is what Amazon wanted to know a few minutes ago when I purchased a new box of test sticks for my fertility monitor.

Umm, no.

I don't want to share this purchase with anyone.

Except my blog friends.


So this means another CD 1 has come and gone. I was pretty crushed on Friday when I started cramping, but it seemed like people and the weekend conspired to keep me from letting myself mope for too long, and by Saturday morning when AF officially arrived, I handled it alright.

On Thursday morning, we had another appointment with Dr. C. I think it might have been the best appointment yet. She said that my P+7 blood draw numbers from the second month of tamoxifen were excellent, an apparent improvement over a non-medicated month. Based on that, she wants to put me tamoxifen for up to the next four cycles. My dose has been boosted to 30mg/day, and unfortunately none of the pharmacies had the 10mg pill, so I am only going to get my first dose this evening, CD 4, rather than CD 3 when I should have. I hope that doesn't totally mess up this month.

What made this appointment so good, aside from my stellar P+7, was that when I asked Dr. C what exactly she's treating me for and considers my problem to be, she said that I have a luteal phase defect. This doesn't mean it's the only problem, but it feels so good to have a name for something right now. And, best/scariest of all, she said that if my only issue is an LPD, there is no reason I shouldn't get pregnant during these 6 months on tamoxifen. Well, that's two down and as many as four to go.

Now, I don't know if I think this is really the only problem. About my post-ovulation pain that lasted for a week and the significant pain during intercourse around then, she hazarded a guess that it was just ovulation pain. I don't know if I buy that, but I'm willing to be patient and find out. If I'm not pregnant at the end of the tamoxifen treatment, we're going to plan to do a laparoscopy. I feel good that we have a plan, and it doesn't involve rushing toward surgery quite yet. I wouldn't be able to do it yet anyway, so I'm relieved that I still feel like we're being proactive in the mean time.

Part of the reason I was so taken aback by AF arriving was because I had let myself get super excited after the appointment. If everything was super perfect, my cycle, our timing, etc., there should have been no reason that I wasn't pregnant. I could have been pregnant! Of course now I'm looking back and saying, Jan, girl, you are never pregnant, and one documented lovely cycle does not a baby make. At least, not usually.

In other news, Husband became my hero last week because he arranged for his test and we finally got to have our, ahem, mid-day liaison. :D We're waiting to hear about the results from that, hopefully sometime this week. I'm praying that everything is ok on his end.

I don't want to get too excited, too optimistic, because even just one day of that last week really got me down. But I know myself, and the hope is going to start taking over again and again. Please let it be worth it!

Sts. Cosmas and Damien, pray for us!
St. Therese, pray for us!
Our Lady of Good Counsel, Pray for us!



  1. I'm glad you have a plan, and glad that the "mid-day liaison" went well. hee hee. I hate it, too, when Amazon asks me if I want to share my super personal purchases. Are they crazy?

  2. Why of course you'd want the whole world to know about your new test strips! Ugh! I love my blog, Facebook, and twitter, but there really needs to be a line somewhere. I know it's just an auto-option, but I also am quite sure people use it. Yeesh!

    So nice to hear your results have been good - we are on the 6 - 9 month plan ourselves and it was so hard last cycle, and I don't expect any cycle to get easier frankly - but when my hormones allow my common sense to prevail, I remind myself that it takes fully-fertile people an average of 3 -6 months to conceive (or something along those lines - basically, it's not just "on the first try" for everyone, no matter how it may seem that way).

  3. LMAO!!!! I'm sorry to laugh about this, but that's hysterical they wanted to know if you wanted to announce on FB and Twitter that you are infertile!
    Hahaha... ummmmmm, no.
    Love it ;) Thanks for the much needed comic relief today.

  4. I have the LPD also. I hope that the Tamoxifen is your miracle drug. And I'm happy for your mid-day-liasion. :-)
    You kick IF in the BUTT!!!!