Friday, April 13, 2012

January's Quick Takes

My thoughts today lend themselves to some quick takes, so here goes:

--- 1 ---

Even though yesterday was a fine day at work, the late afternoon found me sitting in my car in the parking lot of Panera, sobbing into the phone with my mother-in-law. My general theme: No matter how much I like my job, I should not stay if I find myself sobbing in the Panera parking lot. God bless her for listening to me babble and hiccup.

--- 2 ---

Husband and I stayed up until 1:30am last night talking about life and careers. We got to share some really honest, personal thoughts. My general theme: Maybe it's time to take a risk. You should know that Cautious is my middle name. It might be Husband's first name.

--- 3 ---

I told Husband that I want us to move back to our hometown and open a bookstore. Husband said he saw that coming. I cannot believe I am so transparent! Haha, just kidding. I'm like cling wrap; just look at me and you know the thoughts and feelings I have on the inside.

--- 4 ---

I also told Husband that if I find an amazing job in my current field in another city, we should be willing to move for me to take it. At this time, we have no babies and we don't own a home. Husband has previously demanded to stay where we are because this is the perfect place to live if he were to pursue a career in the field that he studied in school. However, he's not doing that, he's doing something else, and that something else can be done in so many other jobs all over the country. When I told him that my career needs to be of equal importance to his because "Hello! I'm not staying home raising chillens any time soon," he eventually agreed. So, look out other cities! You are suddenly on my job search list!

--- 5 ---

Husband proposed that we leave everything behind and become missionaries in Africa. I told him "Absolutely not! Are there any books about people being missionaries in Africa where things go well? I can answer for you: no."

--- 6 ---

I took out my contacts, which were making it hard to blink at this point in the evening morning, and as I looked in the mirror at myself, the last, big, risky thing that's been on my heart leapt to my lips. I went back over to him and said "What if I got a nearby, less-stressful job, full or part time, and we became foster parents?"

--- 7 ---

"I know there are lots of reasons not to consider it, including that we've never been parents before, we try to avoid bringing unnecessary drama into our lives, and I don't know how well we'd handle saying goodbye or, frankly, any of it. But I want to bring it up because you keep saying that I need to do something pro-life with my life, and I think there may be nothing more pro-life than taking in children who need a home and need people to show them that they matter, no matter what."

That struck a chord with him. It struck a chord with me. I'll keep you posted on the Cautious couple and our risk-taking endeavors.


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  1. I love the bookstore idea. Sounds so romantic!

    1. It's really the crazy dream that I've had the longest. And I was so crushed to learn that the last chain bookstore had left our hometown. The only bookstore left is the...Catholic bookstore! So ours would need a different theme. And I'd probably want to sell slices of pie in the cafe. If it had a cafe. Anyway, that's totally me getting ahead of myself! I'm going to try to talk to my favorite cookbook store owner today; hopefully she doesn't run screaming in the other direction. =)

  2. Good luck with the all the new possibilities!

  3. I love all of those ideas! Good luck!

  4. A bookstore sounds wonderful!!! And the pie, too! :-)
    I'd agree that it is time to look for a different job. And you have a perfect opportunity to pick out anything you want ... Which is maybe a little overwhelming, but I know God will lead you in the right direction! I'll be praying for guidance.
    And foster children!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to read more about this as you discern what to do. You will make such an impact on those kids! :-)

  5. Wow! What an awesome post - LOVE the working together and making a plan that is best for your family!

    Sending many prayers your way!!!