Monday, June 18, 2012

CD2, I mean, Father's Day

Husband and I had a great Father's Day weekend. We celebrated not only Father's Day with both of our dads, but also Nephew's birthday (I can't believe he's five already!) and my dad's birthday. It was a big one, a nice round number, so my mom planned a special surprise for him. We went to a racetrack (yes, one where they hold Nascar Sprint Cup races) and Dad and some of the family got to drive race cars! I could write a whole post about that - and I might - but the highlight for me was hearing my dad say over and over, "This is the best birthday ever!" In addition to driving the cars and riding in the cars with a professional driver, he may have felt that way because we had delicious crabs, bbq, the best broccoli salad (yes that's what it's called), and coconut cream pie. I didn't get in a race car, but I had a lot of fun all the same! Husband said it was one of the coolest things he's ever done in his life.


I was hoping that I would be getting to tell Husband that he'd be a dad for Father's Day, but obviously that didn't happen. For the first time in at least 6 months, probably longer, I used a test. I didn't want to just wait and wait for my period to show up, being teased the whole time. Well, I believed the test when it was negative on P+15, but that didn't end up being the end of the cycle. Neither did the next day. So of course I got hopeful that I had tested too early. But Saturday morning, I woke up to cramps and Aunt Flo's arrival. It was a bummer.

We have an appointment with Dr. C this coming Monday, but I need to call the office this morning to see if she wants me to be on tamoxifen this cycle, because if she does, I'll need to get the scrip today. The question I've been debating is when we should be planning for me to have surgery. We're supposed to go to the beach for a week in July with my family, then I have conferences for a week for each month of the late summer and fall. With my cycle being entirely unpredictable, there isn't a way for me to know ahead of time where my cycle will be between any of these periods of time. I think the cycle I'm in right now might be a wash, but I don't know when we'll be taking the next step. I don't want to miss more work than I am already expecting to. Goodness knows, my boss doesn't like me very much as it is.


At mass on Sunday, as usual, we prayed for "fathers and those who father" during the intercessions. But THEN we prayed for "the fatherless, those who long to father, and fathers who have lost a child." I was SO comforted to hear those words. When I saw my mom later in the day, she commented that she had heard them too and been very happy. Why had this pleased her? Because she just finished reading The Infertility Companion for Catholics, by Angelique Ruhi-Lopez and Carmen Santamaria! I had recommended it to her, because she wanted more information about infertility and about how Husband and I would be approaching it as Catholics striving to be faithful to God. She said it was so informative and helped her to understand so much better everything we are going through. Hearing her say that made me so happy! The book has come home with me, and I cannot wait to read it.

I hope you all had a good Father's Day weekend, too!



  1. Sorry that it was CD2 on Father's Day. I'm SO glad they added that intention, and I knew I liked that book (though I haven't actually read it), but now I really like it if it's helping other people understand better!

  2. That is so cool your mom read the book! I'm sorry as well that Father's day was not quite as awesome as you were hoping.

  3. That is so awesome your mom read that book! (So awesome that she wanted to read it :)!)

    Prayers as you discern your next steps and surgery and more.

  4. So sorry about CD1 creeping up on you! Prayers that y'all will be able to figure out the next surgery, meds, etc...

    And can I just say, tears filled my eyes when you said that there were additional prayers said for those fathers still beautiful! But to be honest I got really teary eyed reading that your mother read that incredibly caring and sweet of her. Lots of family members just assume they know what's up sigh IF. You've got a great mom!

    1. I agree, my mom is totally great!

  5. Darn Aunt Flo! I hope you get the surgery scheduling figured out. I think it's better to have the surgery sooner rather than later. That way, you can put it behind you and work on healing and more baby making. :)

  6. I'm SO GLAD your mom read the IF companion for Catholics! Great info!
    I am so, so sorry it was CD2 and not "the ultimate surprise" for Father's Day. Stupid AF. :( I wish she wouldn't come back and you'd have some great news instead.
    My hubby's dad (my FIL) went for a drive/ride in a race car at the Kansas City Speedway about 6 years ago ... and like your dad, said it was THE coolest gift ever!