Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quick Update

I just want to quickly share the update from my NaPro appointment last week.

Husband is officially fine! I'm pretty relieved this is all on me, frankly. Husband told me he kind of wished something was wrong with him, I think because he doesn't want me carrying all the weight of our problems conceiving on my shoulders. But, I figure it is way easier to just work on fixing one person, and the woman at that, than two people.

My peak +7 blood draw revealed excellent progesterone, but oddly low estrogen, given that I was on tamoxifen that cycle. The doctor said she couldn't understand why my estrogen would drop below what it had been when I was on a lower dose of the medicine.

I'm currently on my first tamoxifen-free cycle in 5 months, and am already in the two-week wait. How time does fly!

The big news is that we've all (me, Husband, and Dr. C) decided it's time to do the diagnostic laparoscopy (she'll laser off any endo she can see while she's in there). It hasn't been totally confirmed across all channels yet, but we're looking at August 21st. I'm nervous about it, but I also feel ready. I am thankful that Dr. C understood that the lap wasn't something I wanted to rush into, and tried to treat the one thing she could tell was wrong for sure, my luteal phase deficiency.

There's a little part of me that hoping that I'll get pregnant before the surgery, but the realistic part of me knows that it's unlikely. Regardless, I am ready to take the next step to figure out what is going on and work towards clearing this up. Husband and I have talked a little bit about when it will be time to stop trying altogether, but we agreed that the time hasn't come yet. Hopefully we'll be getting more answers from this surgery and have more things to work on.



  1. So glad to hear your DH is fine! I prayed so so hard for The Man to be OK, I was so relieved when he was, so I totally get what you are saying.

    Glad to hear the appointment went well and I will be praying hard that your surgery date never has to happen!

  2. I know what you mean ... I prayed that I was 100% the problem ... and it turned out that it was all me. Which is good and bad ... because maybe it would help that my DH has problems .... but ... it is for the best. I'm excited for your lap (not for you to have it ... but for you to diagnose any underlying problems) ... although I pray that you don't need it at all and you announce that you are PG!
    You are on my pray-dar. :-) LOL

  3. one of my biggest reliefs was my hubs being "ok". turns out he was a little sub-par, like me :), but we were still able to conceive. the couple fertility is what matters anyway, since one person can't make a baby alone! i'm glad you have your next move scheduled, the lap really is a great next move. although i'll keep the prayers up that you don't need it!!