Friday, July 27, 2012


Hello all! I haven't updated on the regular life stuff in a while so here are some snippets.

1. J is just about crawling! He does this little half scoot half crawl thing that is super cute. He's really fast though, so I am getting to experience having two mobile kids :) He is such a happy, gentle little guy.

2. L is potty trained! She is only wearing diapers for naps and nighttime, and occasionally when we go out if we won't have easy bathroom access. A and I celebrated it as a huge victory. We have successfully potty trained one whole kid! Although to be honest my strategy was plunk the little potty down in the living room, and Lu started using it. What a smartipants.

3. A is away for the weekend. He got invited to go on a bourbon tasting trip with a good friend. Initially I was horrified at the thought of him going (a weekend by myself with the kiddos!!) but after giving it some more thought I decided to tell him to go. That kind of chance doesn't come often, and we both believe firmly that we need to do the things we love in life while raising our children. So one day when he got home from work I surprised him with a tiny bottle of bourbon saying he could go on the trip. It's his birthday present. The kids and I have lots of weekend plans so that we don't get lonely. I have a coffee date this afternoon, and we have a birthday party to go to tomorrow. A gets back Sunday evening. We'll see how I survive my first weekend alone with both babies.

4. I have been mulling over my wish to get back into the technical writing field lately. I really need to start applying for jobs again. My job now works, but I would love to do something more in my field. I've also considered trying to find freelance work. Any readers do freelance stuff? I'm at a loss of how to begin such a project.

5. A and I went on a spectacular date last night. He brought me red roses when he got home so that I would have them to look at over the weekend while he's gone (sniff), then my sister watched the goobers while we went out for sushi! It had been quite a while since we've gone out and it was a much needed thing. Setting time aside like that is such a good opportunity for connection. We spent most of dinner talking about how grateful we are for each other and our babies. Ok now I have to go cry for a while in thanksgiving...



  1. Awww. so glad you had such a great date night!!! It makes for a more grateful mom & dad when the night is over. :-)
    CONGRATS on L's potty training!!!!! Wow!! That is worth celebrating! Such big, advanced kiddos you are raising! :)

  2. Haha, I know, I can't believe she actually goes in her little potty :) Kids are so dang smart to figure this stuff out.

    And yeah date nights are life savers.