Friday, August 3, 2012

Jan's Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

I am a little sun-kissed, a few pounds heavier, and a lot overwhelmed at work. Why, January, you must have just returned from vacation! Indeed, I did. My parents still invite Husband and me to our family beach vacation at no cost(!) and it remains the highlight of our year. As in, Husband starts bringing it up in January, and we're still reminiscing about it in December.

--- 2 ---

I had my pre-op appointment on Wednesday. The only thing that really surprised me was just how involved it was: urine sample, pap smear, and a blood draw of 4 vials! I signed the paper that said I acknowledged the risks and was opting for the surgery. The big day is August 21st. Here we go!

--- 3 ---

Husband and I get pretty obsessed with the Olympics. If we could take the whole two weeks off of work to just watch Olympic play, I know we would. I do get annoyed with the "primetime" broadcast, because I cannot stay up until midnight for more than one or two nights in a row. Last night, I told Husband I was going to fall asleep on the loveseat, and he was to wake me up and put me to bed after it was over, and tell me who won what. Sounds like Team USA had a great day yesterday!

--- 4 ---

As I write this, I'm watching a recording online of the women's judo competition from yesterday. I've never seen judo before, and I cannot figure out this scoring. That hand to hand combat looks, well, exhausting. Those ladies are hardcore! I love it.

--- 5 ---

Husband and I watched the cycling with much interest over the weekend. Earlier this summer, we talked about getting bikes, so I've started trying to save a little bit for that.

--- 6 ---

It will probably be some time before we get bikes, though, because we have made a renewed effort to pay down our credit card debt. We get it under control, and then we lose control again. This time, right when we made that decision, an angel of mercy in the form of an unexpected check arrived to speed us on our way in these efforts. Thank you, God!

--- 7 ---

Finally, I'm going to Chicago next week for work. I hope it's a productive trip! As I mentioned before, things are rather overwhelming at work, but my new supervisor is the first person who is confident not only in me, but also in himself. He's also advocating for me with the big scary president, who really likes him. Yesss! He's coming into the office next week before I leave for Chicago, so we're going to spend some time working on my acquisitions plan. I'm a little nervous, but mostly excited. If I am going to stay in this job, and frankly this career, I am grateful that I'm getting to learn from my new supervisor.

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  1. Remind us when your surgery gets closer so we can pray. So jealous of your free vacation. That sounds awesome!

  2. So glad you had a great vacation! I love Olympics, but I don't get to watch any of it, because I don't have cable, and I live in a place that doesn't pick up any reception whatsoever. Usually the internet and Netflix keeps me going, but during the Olympics and March Madness, I feel like I'm living in the Dark Ages!

  3. I hope your surgery--I agree, remind us so we remember to pray for you!

    Definitely get bikes! For the first time since I moved out of my parents house, I don't live in the big city anymore--and I love riding my bike now! (especially when the bike ride involves a stop at an ice cream parlor ;) )

  4. **I hope your surgery goes well** is what that should have said...

  5. #4: I did judo when I was in grad school. Ippon = throwing your opponent flat on his/her back OR pin him/her to the mat for 25 seconds. One Ippon and you win the match. Waza-ari = 1/2 point. Good throw but not enough for an Ippon, or pin for > 20 sec but < 25 sec. Yuko = throwing your opponent but lacks 2 of the 3 three criteria for an Ippon, OR pin your opponent 15-20 sec, OR your opponent gets penalized twice. If nobody gets an Ippon by the end of the match, whoever has more points wins. More info here, if you're really interested:

  6. Your vacation sounds amazing!
    Let us know again about your surgery. You'll be in my prayers most definitely for a quick recovery!!! Yes, they are VERY thorough on all the pre-surgery stuff, which is good ... it sounds like you will have excellent care. :-)