Monday, May 14, 2012

And the pregdar was...


Coworker is pregnant - 14 weeks already!

And I was correct in her boobs looking bigger. She says her B cup has increased to DD! Hahaha.

This (her pregnancy, not her boobs) means that I will now officially be surrounded by pregnant ladies for the rest of this year. Carpool buddy is due in October, Coworker is due in November, and SIL is due in December. This is the first real flood of women close to me having babies. It feels like my first test, the first real foray into the battle so many other IF bloggers have written about before. I've been pretty insulated from things like this so far--I don't live in my hometown where all those girls I went to school with are having babies; a lot of people where I live now don't get married until late, so there are generally fewer babies--I guess it's about time that I earned my infertile girl stripes.

Now, in the interest of planning ahead, what do I give all these people for their baby showers?



  1. How about some cute outfits? Most people know whether they're having a boy or a girl by the time the shower rolls around, so it'll be easy to find something appropriate.

  2. I love to give the Moby wrap because I know it's something I would like. Her boobs grew that much already? I started with D's, but haven't grown much. Bra's just a little snugger.

  3. Gift cards are perfect!
    You have amazing pregdar! I hope you can use it on yourself soon!